Typical Forex Trading Currency Day

Forex trading currency goes on even during unlike other financial markets, like stocks or futures exchanges, which may be closed. It remains open and active 24 hours a day from Monday morning in the Asia-Pacific time zone right through to the Friday with the closing business hours in New York. Let us take a look at a typical forex trading currency day and what it looks like.

People usually have two different outlooks about a typical day in forex trading currency market. The first pictures him working 24/7 in front of a computer monitor, perhaps in a dark room, pale faced and wide eyed. He is anxiously clicking on “buy and sell” buttons, trading thousands every few seconds. The second vision has him spending only a little while in front of his monitor and making a few trades. One should remember that every trader is different, just as the people. There are morning people, night time people with different lifestyles. There is no start or end time of a forex trading currency day as the market remains open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A typical day in forex trading currency market for a professional trader starts by scrutinizing their favorite web sites. He looks for any news, which could be affected that particular day of trading in the markets. As he most probably has also subscribed to many RSS feeds from news agencies, he will also go through them. Once through that, he will verify his forex trading currency system to see about the progress in the earlier market day. With different forex markets operating world wide, he cannot be online constantly monitoring his trade and making any adjustments.

The forex trading currency day online is separated into three major trading sessions:

1. The London session, and
2. The New York session.
3. The Australasian session (New Zealand, Australia, and Tokyo)

These sessions happen to overlap, depending on the time zone, at any given moment. When two or more markets operated during the same hours, more traders become active and drive the volume of the trades up, thus is increasing the volatility too. After going through the above article, we are sure that you have a good idea of what a day in forex trading currency market looks like.