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Today, all thanks to the Internet, thousands of traders and investors all across the globe are discovering the excitement and challenges of forex trading currency market. These markets can seem complicated to newcomers. has been structure with the purpose of offering complete useful information to our visitors about this market.

To begin with, find the answer to what is the forex trading market, especially if you are completely new. Learn about speculating in the currency market and a typical trading day in the life of an investor. As a trader you should be well aware of the Asia-Pacific session, European/London session and the North American session. Compare forex trading to other financial markets.

Learn about the currency pairs and how to read a price quote. Short vs long positions and technical vs fundamental analysis are discussed in detail at Discover what the short term trading and long term trading is all about. Also know about the different types of orders in forex trading currency market. also sheds slight on monitoring and evaluating your trade, which are important aspects of forex market. Finally the site winds with discussing the advantages and risks of forex trading.